The restaurant: the cuisine is the real peculiarity and distinctive feature of hotel Commercio.
Come tutto l’hotel, anche il ristorante è gestito direttamente dalla famiglia Giacomini. I prodotti sono selezionati giornalmente e secondo la stagione.
As the hotel, the restaurant is also managed by the Giacomini family. The products are selected daily and according to the season. 
The menu is not strictly set and changes every day, offering a remarkable variety of both traditional and modern delicacies always cooked on the spot. Pasta is homemade; meat is offered in a wide choice and always fresh and carefully selected; each meal is accompanied by a rich buffet of selected vegetables. Desserts are daily freshly baked.
The wine cellar offers a good selection of local wine. The Commercio Hotel's restaurant is becoming a reference point not only for hotel guests but also for locals and tourists in general.

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